Tech entrepreneur, Gugulethu Siso, joins us on this logistics-themed #APSVibecheck instalment of the African Pre-seed Podcast. Gugulethu has co-founded two startups, namely Ninety Nine Investments, a B2B trolley management startup in Namibia, and Thumeza, a supply chain fintech startup in South Africa. Thumeza provides data-powered financing to the African logistics sector, supporting clients in East and Southern Africa, such as the United Nations Development Programme, Lori Systems, and KTU Express.

Upon Gugulethu's exit from Ninety Nine Investments in 2017, the startup had over 50 employees, netted VC investment for growth, and had an impressive client list ranging from Shoprite Checkers, Food Lovers Market and Woolworths. Thumeza, on the other hand, nearly went under, except for a clever pivot.

Top 5 Insights unpacked in this episode:

  1. What informed Gugulethu's decision to pivot into the logistics finance sector?
  2. What are some of the oversimplifications made and assumed regarding the logistics industry and its relationship with technology?
  3. Is the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) worth getting excited about?
  4. What's the profile of the everyday African individual or company that wants to participate in the continent's growing logistics industry?
  5. Should logtech Founders go B2B or B2C?


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