Adegoke Oyeniyi lets us in on what the streets in Naija are saying about #Fluttergate and toxic workplaces in Nigeria, the rise of Web 3.0, and MTN’s mobile money moves. Also, do listen in to hear if Adegoke has plans to ‘japa’ (leave Nigeria for greener pastures) and whether he thinks there are any good reasons for Founders building in Nigeria to stay put.

Adegoke has spent the last decade covering the African startup scene and is currently Co-Founder of Hankara Inc., a talent-placing startup connecting African content marketers to remote jobs with overseas technology companies.

#APSVibeCheck topics trending in this episode:

  • What effects are toxic leaders having in Nigerian workplaces? [0:21]
  • Can we trust media coverage of the #Fluttergate scandal? [2:52]
  • Web 3.0 in Nigeria, Hit or Hype? [08:07]
  • Will MTN dominate mobile money in Nigeria like Safaricom (and M-Pesa) has done in East Africa? [08:08]
  • Why are so many Nigerians in the country’s tech scene trying to “japa”? [09:27]


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Editorial Disclaimer: Opinions expressed by Vibe Check guest, Adegoke Oyeniyi, do not necessarily reflect the views of The African Pre-seed Team.