Joining co-hosts Hope and Rajiv for this pertinent two-part healthtech-themed edition of The African Pre-seed Podcast is the Co-founder and CEO of Nigerian HealthTech startup Reliance Health, Femi Kuti.

Reliance Health's recent $40 million in Series B funding (the largest of its kind in Africa's HealthTech scene) underscored a growing investor appetite for African startups addressing gaps in the continent's healthcare industry. In this insight-rich episode, Femi factors in on the extent to which HealthTech plays can move the needle on covering the gaps in Africa's healthcare systems and how founders in the sector should consider servicing key market drivers.

What to look forward to in this podcast:

  • What are the most problematic oversimplifications typically made about African healthcare systems, i.e. a) by Founders keen to enter the space and b) by investors looking to back it? [3:15]
  • What are the most commonly misunderstood dynamics of running a successful healthtech startup in Africa? [5:53]
  • What commercial growth story did Reliance Health sell General Atlantic and the other investors who participated in their Series B? [6:55]
  • What are some of the most challenging business problems Reliance Health has had to solve so far, i.e. issues that might have sunk the business if they hadn't figured things out? [21:07]


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