Tech entrepreneur, operator and investor Duncan Muchangi joins us for this fintech-themed #APSVibeCheck instalment of the African Pre-seed Podcast.

Duncan has operated, invested in, and advised various leading tech platforms that have scaled globally. Quite notably, he was part of the team at Jumia that helped set the company up for its much-publicised New York Stock Exchange listing in 2019. He is currently Principal at Unicorn Growth Capital, a private investments platform investing at the intersection of TradFi & DeFi in high-growth Web3 companies.

Top 5 insights unpacked in the episode:

1. What lessons has Duncan learnt from failing early startup attempts?

2. Highlights of being part of the early team at one of Africa’s most publicised unicorn stories.

3. Tips for going from operator to early-stage investor.

4. Why is Duncan bullish on African fintech and his investment thesis for backing startups in the space?

5. Is backing Web3 startups a crazy gamble or a smart, calculated investment opportunity?


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