In this entrepreneurship-themed episode, Desiree Joule-Adam takes us through her entrepreneurial journey that began at a young age and how it has shaped her perspective on women-led entrepreneurship in Africa.

Desiree is passionate about breaking boundaries and inspiring women founders to re-discover and write a new narrative for Africa. Her work is synonymous with advocating for innovation, emerging technologies, and start-up ecosystems that foster collaboration and sustainable relationships among women in the tech sector.

We look deeper into the state of women-led entrepreneurship in Africa with Desiree Joule-Adam, Director of External Affairs at the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative.

What to look forward to in this episode:

  • Why are you passionate about women-led entrepreneurship in Africa? What about your background and history influenced your career trajectory to reach this point? [3:40]
  • You’ve worked in various sectors, ranging from media and telco to education and industry. Which experiences have proven to be the most valuable to you in your work today? [8:04]
  • What are the typical challenges women entrepreneurs face when trying to build businesses on the African continent? [11:50]
  • Do you think the continent has moved the needle to address the challenges women face in the startup ecosystem? [17:07]
  • What role does activism play in creating an enabling environment for women-led startups? [19:20]
  • What are the differences in what women-led entrepreneurs are building across the African continent? [23:45]
  • What is your opinion on bridging the gap between the economic necessity for women-led entrepreneurship and “self-actualization/social status/hierarchy?" [28:55]
  • How important is mental health and well-being support for women founders? [33:32]
  • What is some of the best advice you've received from a woman industry peer in your entrepreneurial journey? [41:00]
  • What makes you optimistic about women-led entrepreneurship on the African continent? [49:53]


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