💡 Choosing the right capital for your startup is a crucial decision that can significantly impact a company's trajectory. Beyond financial support, good investors provide expertise, networks, and guidance that are essential for a startup's success.

🎙️ Join our host, Loraine Achar, featuring esteemed panelists Bruce Nsereko-Lule (General Partner, Seedstars Africa Ventures), June Odongo (Founder & CEO, Senga Technologies), Jason Musyoka (Chief Financial Officer, Rology), as they go bar-for-bar on the topic of discussion, “The Good and Bad of Funding - Choosing the Right Capital in 2024.” 💸

Against the backdrop of shifting priorities among investors over the last two years, the recent African Pre-seed Podcast Live in Nairobi, Kenya, organised by Founders Factory Africa, a pan-African venture capital investor, provided invaluable insights into this pursuit. Acknowledging the challenges posed by a decrease in African startup funding in 2023, the panellists unanimously agreed on the importance of founders being prudent in their choice of investors.

Read all about it: ✅ https://kenyanwallstreet.com/a-guide-... ⬅️


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