🎙️ On the 2nd of November, the African Pre-seed podcast partnered with the Africa FinTech Summit in Lusaka, Zambia, to host the first-ever edition of APS Live, where our host, Hope Ditlhakanyane had Investor at Flourish Ventures, Efayomi Carr, Founder of scale, Miranda Perumal, and Founder and Chairman of Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK), Michael Kimani on the couch in front of a live audience to discuss whether fintech is indeed the one true vertical within the African tech ecosystem. 🔥

This topic inspired a spirited conversation about enablement vs. extraction, leaning more towards shaping the near future and encouraging ecosystem players to take up the challenge of defining the fintech space as they would want to experience it. The question still remains, however, the tech ecosystem continues to evolve with new innovations paving the way for accessibility and inclusivity. 💡

Thanks to the Africa FinTech Summit and Lusaka, Zambia, for hosting us, and we cannot wait for 2024, when APS Live will be coming to a tech ecosystem hub near you!

What to look forward to in this episode:

  • Why fintech attracts more capital than other verticals [04:46]
  • Fintech as an enabler or as an industry [05:58]
  • The growth of fintech across the continent [09:45]
  • Making sense of fintech valuations [11:45]
  • AI-embedded fintech [15:25]
  • 2024 projections and trend forecasting [23:01]
  • Government stakeholder involvement [32:52]

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