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  • What does it take to build a successful HealthTech startup? The CEO of Africa's most valuable HealthTech startup Reliance Health, Femi Kuti, lets us into his West African entrepreneurial reality.
  • PR matters. Get the support you need to make your public relations game undeniable.
  • Failing forward. The recent (and very public) demise of Kenyan food delivery startup Kune Food has prompted the Ecosystem to reflect on the necessary (and constructive) role of failure in tech entrepreneurship.

African Pre-seed Podcast #3

Part 1: Can HealthTech startups cover the gaps in Africa's healthcare systems?


Reliance Health's recent $40 million in Series B funding (the largest of its kind in Africa's healthtech scene) underscored a growing investor appetite for African startups addressing gaps in the continent's healthcare industry. In this insight-rich episode, the company's Co-founder and CEO, Femi Kuti, factors in on the extent to which HealthTech plays can move the needle on covering the gaps in Africa's healthcare systems and how Founders in the sector should consider servicing key market drivers.


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🗓️  Upgrade your PR hustle

African tech-focused public relations agency Wimbart has launched the fourth edition of Wimbart Office Hours, a PR mentorship and business support programme designed to equip early-stage African startups with media know-how and insights. Applications to take part are now open and close on Friday, July 22nd 2022.

🗞️  Founder resources

  • VIDEO [29 min]: Introduction to Angel Investing and Venture Capital | In this handy lecture, Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company Founder, Dr Ola Brown, unpacks the difference between angel investing and venture capital.
  • TWITTER THREAD: Lessons from Kune Food | Tech VC Eloho Omame (FirstCheck & TLCom) unpacks what we can learn from Kune Food shutting down and why talking about failure is healthy for the ecosystem, even though it's painful.
  • PODCAST [31 min]: Gqom: The Babusi Nyoni | Be inspired by this extraordinary personal story of Zimbabwean creative technologist, social entrepreneur and gqom producer Babusi Nyoni.
  • ARTICLE [23 min read]: 10 Lessons I Learned Building Africa's Superapp | Tech Founder Emeka Ajene shares his key learnings from helping to grow Gozem to a multi-million dollar GMV-generating superapp— including the value of systems, talent development, and smaller ponds.

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